Moving Arts & Somatic Studies

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    Discover your movement patterns  

    Move to your full potential

    Learn to move beyond your habits

    Re-pattern your movement to move injury-free

    Alleviate tension and holding patterns in your body

    •   Expand your expressive movement palette

    •   Develop your performance



MASS is located at:

Unit #201 - 161 Keefer St

Chinatown, Vancouver, BC (buzz 201)

above the Bao Bei Restaurant, between Main and Columbia

Easily accessible by bus or by skytrain. Just a short walk from the Stadium Station.

Parking:  There is lots of metered parking in the area and two parking lots at the corner of Keefer and Columbia.



What is Movement Analysis and Patterning?

Movement analysis and patterning (through Laban/ Bartenieff Movement Analysis) recognizes that movement falls into patterns; patterns of initiation, sequencing, phrasing, rhythm, and relationships to space. Becoming aware of your movement patterns, through movement analysis and integrated patterns of movement, you can learn how to move with ease , develop your body connectivity, and develop your personal movement palette. 

Movement analysis and patterning involves personal awareness. As a movement educator and facilitator I will work with you, helping you to gain an understanding of the way you move.  Through self-reflection and dialogue together, while working in relation to your goals, I can offer you guidance that can support you to develop efficient patterns of movement.  When one learns to moves to their full potential, with ease, one can move injury-free with full-body expressivity. 

Did you know?

How we move affects the way we perceive.  In the early years of our lives, as we develop and grow, we move through developmental patterns and stages.  These patterns set up kinetic chains in our neuromuscular system and become the foundations of our movement.  The building blocks of how we move, function, express and even think.  The wonderful thing is that we can re-pattern our movements,  which can in turn affect the way we perceive.  Re-patterning supports one to find ‘new’ kinetic chains and integrated patterns of support.

When we can learn to move in an integrated manner we often begin to feel sense of connectedness to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

What is Laban Movement Analysis?

LMA, which stands for Laban Movement Analysis, is a system created by Rudolf Laban designed to observe, describe, analyze and notate movement. This system was further developed by physiotherapist and dancer Irmgard Bartenieff and now includes the Bartenieff Fundamentals. 

Laban Movement Analysis:

- Provides a language for movement

  1. -Is a framework that is built upon four categories of movement, and their relationship:  Body, Effort, Shape, and Space

  2. -When put into practice can support one to refine, develop, and improve their movement skills and/or performance

- Focuses on the relationship between expressive and dynamic movement in relation to space

Bartenieff Fundamentals:

Bartenieff took Laban’s theories and continued to investigate them while applying them to her own work as a physical therapist, movement coach and dance artist.  She developed an approach to body training which focuses on;

  1. -fundamentals of human movement

  2. -body connectivity and dynamic alignment

  3. -developmental movement patterns

  4. -initiation and sequencing to set up efficient kinetic chains

  5. -individuality and expression of movement *

  1. *BF recognizes that each person moves and expresses in their own unique way. 

What does somatic mean?

Somatic stems from the Greek Word Soma which means living body in wholeness.  In the 1970’s Thomas Hanna developed the field of somatics.  Working somatically means working subjectively, where one’s body-mind connectivity and one’s ‘lived’ experience is recognized and integrated into the body-based practice.

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MASS was founded and is owned and operated by Donna Redlick.

“ I am a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) in Laban-Bartenieff Studies, a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) and I hold an MA in Dance Creative Practice, with a somatic approach.  I utilize methodologies from Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals (sm) and Somatic Movement Education Practices.  I have over 25 years professional experience in the field of movement.

Services in:  

Movement Analysis & Movement Re-patterning

Laban/ Bartenieff Studies 

Somatic Movement/ Dance Practice