Donna Redlick



                                                                                                                                                                             photo by Tonya Ng

Donna Redlick Dance Presents

Blood from Stone

2 shows only

Friday, November 30th, 8:00pm

Saturday, December 1st, 8:00pm


Scotiabank Dance Centre

677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

“None of us stands outside humanity’s black collective shadow.”

- Carl Jung

Inspired by past and present stories of Vancouver’s historic Blood Alley, Blood from Stone is an evocative and haunting new contemporary dance work by Vancouver choreographer Donna Redlick. Legend holds that executions and hangings took place in the alley and that buckets of blood spilled down the cobblestones from the alley’s butcher shops. Today the alley continues to ride upon these somewhat fabricated stories creating an energy that invites us to bring forward our darker shadow selves. What is partly a historical fiction has become a conceived and perceived truth that affects the alley’s current day actions and lived experiences. The work is performed by dance artists; Salome Nieto, Alisoun Payne, Olivia Shaffer, and Cara Siu, with lighting design by Philip Birkby.

In this evocative dance piece, tales of the alley’s past are woven together with present day lived experiences and perceptions. The outcome is a hybrid-reality where fact and fiction become blurred. Digging beneath the surface of stone, the dark side of humanity is juxtaposed against the light of the human spirit and parts of our shadow selves emerge, like ghosts of the past, staring back at us for a brief moment in time. It is within these intangible moments that the witness must decipher the real versus the imagined, or notice that which still remains hidden beneath the cobblestone.

Did you Know? 

In the 1970’s Trounce Alley, in downtown Vancouver’s East side, was re-named Blood Alley Square as a way to revitalize the area. The idea was to bring a historical ‘feel’ to the alley by laying down bricks and cobblestone. Since then, bloody stories about the ally, both imagined and conceived, have become considered ‘real’.  The alley has now taken on an energy of its own that affects its current day ‘lived’ experiences.

About Donna Redlick Dance

DRD is dedicated to a philosophical approach to making dance, creating and producing independent contemporary dance works that are based on the subjective and lived experience.  Sensitive to the human condition and the idea of ‘the self’ the movement is sourced from states of reflecting, being and becoming, inviting the invisible to become visible for a brief moment in space and time.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Donna Redlick Dance

Past Reviews of DRD:

“created an atmosphere of skin-tingling immersion…”

- Ileanna Cheladyn, Vancity Buzz

“dance-as-philosophical speculation.”

- Kaija Pepper, Dance Current


“…thought provoking.”

- Janet Smith, Georgia Straight